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Extension of the Cu-Trien method to shales and other non-smectitic materials

The Cu-Trien method has been developed as a quick test for smectite contents in bentonites by quantifying the cation exchange capacity. It was claimed in several publications that an acceptable agreement between the Cu-Trien values and the CEC of other methods has been obtained. However, own investigations demonstrate clearly that variations of the Cu-solid ratio yield systematic differences in the CEC values. Especially samples with low smectite contents and with mixed-layer minerals the Cu-Trien method does not provide reliable results. The aim of this experimental work is therefore to test various boundary conditions, which might theoretically influence the exchange reaction. Comparisons will be made for exchange capacities obtained with the Cu-Trien method and with established methods such as NH4 + or Ba2+ exchange. The impact of incomplete cation exchange in the interlayer space will be investigated by XRD profile analysis of 00L reflections.

Start of work: Immediately
Supervision: Helge Stanjek, Dennis Künkel
Level: BSc, MSc