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Seismic Interpretation & Methods

The key objective of the Seismic Interpretation Group is work on basin geology at all scales, mainly through Diplom-, Ph.D.-, Post-Doc.- and staff research projects. Our research philosophy is to use a maximum of geological and geophysical constraints to unravel and quantify tectonic and sedimentary processes, and test the validity of geological interpretations.

Our fields of expertise include:

- interpretation of multidimensional seismic data
- structural model building
- dynamic tectonic modelling
- dynamic stratigraphic modelling
- sequence stratigraphy

An important issue for the Seismic Interpretation and Geological Modelling Group is the communication of our work and research results. Training courses on “3D Seismic Interpretation” and “Integrated Stratigraphic and Tectonic Modelling” are taught on a regular basis (see Courses Geological Institute). Students interested in Diplom- or Ph.D.-research on a seismic or modelling-related topic are welcome to contact us.

The Seismic Interpretation and Geological Modelling Group collaborates with national and international academia, research groups, government institutions and industry.

Associated researchers: Stefan Back, Johannes Belde, Hamed Fazlikhani, Samaneh Masoumi, Lars Reuning, Frank Strozyk