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Nano- to Millimeter-Scale Morphology of Connected and Isolated Porosity in the Khuff Formation, Oman

The estimation of flow behavior in reservoirs often suffers from uncertainties associated with pore types and pore distributions. Especially the relationships of connected versus unconnected pores are of prime importance for quantitative reservoir models. The aim of this project is to establish a workflow for the better characterization of pore types and their distributions and thus the effective porosity in the Khuff formation. A multiple-analyses approach is planned using laboratory-based porosity measurements such as helium porosimetry. A combination of micro-CT, Broad-ion Beam SEM, confocal laser scanning microscopy and digital thin-section analysis will be used to characterize the pore-space in 2D and 3D from thin section to micro-meter scale. Resulting data will be correlated with petrophysical parameters derived from mercury injection, NMR (pore size distribution, diffusion) and SIP (formation resistivity factor) measurements and respective wireline log-derived data. The project will be conducted in cooperation with Petroleum Development Oman.

Associated researchers: Jörg Smodej, Peter A. Kukla, Lars Reuning