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Dipl.-Ing. Chemie Annette Schneiderwind

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Office Location

Building: Lochnerstr.
Haus B
Room: 205
Lochnerstr. 4-20
52056 Aachen


Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal


Phone: +49 241-80-95751
Email: annette.schneiderwind@emr.rwth-aachen.de


  • Service and repair of analytical instruments
  • Installation of organic-analytical measuring methods including the calibration and evaluation of technical parameters
  • Performance of complex analysis (gaschromatography, massspectrometry)
  • Technical instruction of laboratory assistants in the analytical instruments
  • Safety agent

curriculum vitae

1992                Diploma at the FH Aachen /Abt. Jülich                       
                        Theme: „Physical and chemical characterization of heavy
                        metal biosorption on cleaned cell membranes of bacteria and

1992 – 2005    Technical employee at the Nds. Landesamt für Ökologie in

1999 – 2005    Parental leave

2005 – 2006    Technical employee at the Landesumweltamt NRW in Düsseldorf

since 2006       Technical employee at the RWTH Aachen University
                        in the laboratory  of organic, geochemical and isotope analytic


Dr. Dieter Busch, Dr. Klaus Furtmann, Annette Schneiderwind, Irina Zyuzina, Rolf Reupert, Dr. Klaus Sielex (2006): Effects of sampling and sample preparation on results during determination of selected prioritary substances according to the Water Framework Directive; Umweltbundesamt-Publications UBA-FB 000982 Research Paper 204 22 213