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Publications Prof. Dr. Schwarzbauer


Fundamentals in Organic Geochemistry Vol 2: From Biomoelcules to Chemofossils, J. Schwarzbauer, B. Jovancicevic (Eds), Springer Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2016, 160 pp, ISBN 978-3-319-27241-2

Articles in journals:

[119] Ghassal BI, Littke R, Sachse V, Sindern S, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Depositional Environment and Source Rock Potential of Cenomanian and Turonian sedimentary rocks of the Tarfaya Basin, Southwest Morocco

Geologica Acta  14, 419-442

[118] Wluka AK, Rüdel H, Pohl K, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Analytical method development for the determination of eight biocides in various environmental compartments and application for monitoring purposes.

Environ Sci Pollut Res ESPR 23, 21894-21907

[117] Sindern S, Tremöhlen M, Dsikowitzky L, Schwarzbauer J, Siregar TH, Ariyani F (2016)

Heavy metals in river and coast sediments of the Jakarta Bay region (Indonesia) - geogenic versus anthropogenic sources

Mar Pollut Bull  101, 624-633

[116] van der Wulp SA, Dsikowitzky L, Hesse KJ, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Master Plan Jakarta, Indonesia: The Giant Seawall and the need for structural treatment of municipal waste water.

Mar Pollut Bull  101, 686-693

[115] Siregar TH, Priyanto N, Putri AK, Rachmawati N, Triwibowo R, Dsikowitzky L, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Spatial distribution and seasonal variation of the trace hazardous element contamination in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia.

Mar Pollut Bull 101, 634-646

[114] Dsikowitzky L, Ferse S, Schwarzbauer J, Vogt TS, Irianto HE (2016)

Impacts of megacities on tropical coastal ecosystems - The case of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mar Pollut Bull 101, 621-623

[113] Berger M, Löffler D, Ternes T, Heininger P, Ricking M, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Hexachlorocyclohexane derivatives in industrial hexachlorocyclohexane waste and natural samples from a contaminated riverine system

Chemosphere 150, 219-226

[112] Dwiyitno, Dsikowitzky L, Nordhaus I, Andarwulan N, Irianto HE, Lioe HN, Ariyani F, Kleinertz S, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Accumulation patterns of lipophilic organic contaminants in surface sediments and in economic important mussel and fish species from Jakarta Bay, Indonesia

Mar Pollut Bull 101, 767-777

[111] Dsikowitzky L, Sträter M, Dwiyitno, Ariyani F, Irianto HE, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

First comprehensive survey of lipophilic organic contaminants in surface waters of the megacity Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mar Pollut Bull 101, 654-664

[110] Berger M, Löffler D, Ternes T, Heininger P, Ricking M, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

The effect of distribution processes on HCH isomers in a contaminated riverine system.

Int J Environ Sci Technol 13, 995-1008

[109] Berger M, Schwarzbauer J (2016)

Historical deposition of riverine contamination on terrestrial floodplains as revealed by organic indicators from an industrial point source.

Wat Air Soil Pollut 227, 20

[108] Iordanidis A, Schwarzbauer J, Gudulas K, Garcia-Guinea J (2016)

Organic contaminants in the groundwaters of a lignite-bearing basin from northern Greece

Desalination and Water Treatment 57, 5453-5443