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Nabel Khalifa, M.Sc.

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Building: Miner Building
Room: 517a
Wüllnerstr. 2
52056 Aachen


Phone: +49-241-80-95965
Email: nabel.khalifa[at]emr.rwth-aachen.de

curriculum vitae

Work experience

01/05/2013 - present: Senior Geoscientist at National oil corporation (NOC), Tripoli (Libya). Working on the Seismic Interpretation regional and prospect scale of 2D and 3D projects onshore and offshore, using Petrel software to providing the technical support to oil companies in Libya. such as (Intend to drill, evaluating the FDP programs, Prospect analysis and ranking, volumetric calculation and G&G studies) in addition to participating in presentation, attending workshops and conferences to give suggestions and technical support 

01/04/2010–30/04/2013: Seismic interpreter at Shell Exploration and Production Libya, Tripoli (Libya). Worked on the Seismic Interpretation of 2D and 3D projects using 123DI and Petrel softwares with regional studies team and provided G&G support to the exploration team in Shell company.

01/03/2003–01/05/2009: Joiner Geophysicist at Libyan Petroleum Institute (L.P.I), Tripoli (Libya). I started my carrier at Libyan Petroleum Institute as Joiner Geophysicist, Professionally trained and experienced in taknica software including tekseis software, (Seismic data digitizing – well man and well data digitizing and S+for digitizing maps), Five months experience in quality control of logs, scanning and digitizing. I worked as an effective team member of the scanning and digitizing project sharing between Libyan petroleum institute and teknica Canadian company. Six months experience as supervisor in this project.



Sep. 2007: MSc. in Petroleum Geoscience. University of Manchester, Manchester (United  Kingdom)



May, 2016: Presentation at NOC - ENI workshop at ENI office in Malta (Results of Regional Seismic interpretation and attributes analysis for Area D offshore Libya

Oct. 2016: Presentation on Libyan technology day sponsored by NOC and winthershall in Tripoli Libya (Improving seismic data quality of offshore Libya using seismic data preconditioning)

2006: Poster on UK (Evaluation of the Messinian event offshore Sirt Basin, Libya)

2003: Team leader for some projects at LPI



Current project

3D Seismic interpretation and Reservoir Characterization using seismic attributes and Inversion of the area of NC41, Western Libya Offshore. In this research will be studied the structure configuration and reservoir properties of area (C and E) NC41, western offshore Libya, by combining the conventional and unconventional seismic interpretation technique.


Previous projects 

till 2016: Long assignment NOC, Libya (Cretaceous Petroleum Plays of the G-T Basin, Western Libya Offshore)

April 2016: Short assignment with Winteshall, Libya for (Footprint Enhancement using Seismic Preconditioning)

December 2013: Short term Assignment (2 Months) Wintershall HQ, Kassel , Germany ( 3 D seismic interpretation for Chadar in Sirte basin)

April 2007: MSc Project (Evaluation of the Messinian event offshore Sirt Basin, Libya) at BP Offshore Libya Team - UK.