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Sedimentary basins host the largest part of fossil and renewable geoenergy ressources of the Earth. Therefore they are of high societal relevance as our natural ressources water, coal or petroleum are contained in sedimentary basins, but the latter may also be utilized to store different substances or to produce geothermal heat. Sedimentary Basin Analysis is concerned with the dynamics of sedimentary basins over geological times. Therebye the focus is on the physical factors controlling the initiation end evolution of sedimentary basins under differerent geodynamic boundary conditions. The mechanisms causing the creation of accomodation space are equally important as the interaction of climate, tectonic stresses and erosion dynamics that leads to the deposition of sedimentary rocks. Understanding which temperature and pressure conditions have influenced the geological evolution through time is a pre-requisite to derive information relevant for the utilization of ressources in sedimentary basins