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MOVE Petex Educational Licence Agreement



We are glad to announce that we will continue to work with MOVE, a software considered the industry standard for geological 3D-modelling and structural analysis of the earth´s crust. Petroleum Experts Ltd. (Petex) donated 10 Move Software Licenses to the Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University.

The Educational Licence Agreement was recently concluded between the Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University, and Petroleum Experts Limted (Petex), the technical market leader in the area of software engineering tools for oil and gas companies. Students and researchers at RWTH Aachen will be able to continue to study complex geological structures and processes with the MOVE software package, valued by ‎£ 1,341,962 (over € 1.500.000) and donated by the Scotland based Petroleum Experts Limited.

Sebastian Thronberens honorary mention Bathurst



In July 2019 Sebastian Thronberens received an honorary mention at the 16th Bathurst Conference for his conference contribution "Miocene to Pliocene reef demise or survival in the Browse Basin, NW Australia". Congratulations!

Hanaa Deik Outstanding Student Poster Award IAS



In September 2019 Hanaa Deik received the "Outstanding Student Poster Award" at the 34th IAS Conference for her conference contribution "A test of the Limacina Dissolution Index (LDX) as proxy for aragonite saturation of surface waters at Site U1460, SW Shelf of Australia". Congratulations!

MOVE Petex Educational Licence Agreement



We are glad to announce that we will continue to work with MOVE, a software considered the industry standard for geological 3D-modelling and structural analysis of the earth´s crust. Petroleum Experts Ltd. (Petex) donated 10 Move Software Licenses to the Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University.

The Educational Licence Agreement was recently concluded between the Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University, and Petroleum Experts Limted (Petex), the technical market leader in the area of software engineering tools for oil and gas companies. Students and researchers at RWTH Aachen will be able to continue to study complex geological structures and processes with the MOVE software package, valued by ‎£ 1.334.160 (over € 1.500.000) and donated by the Scotland based Petroleum Experts Limited.

Video Series "Stone by Stone"



As part of the "Explain it to me, RWTH!" video series, researchers and students from the Institute of Geology present different types of rock and provide insight into their specific properties and their formation history.  The videos are produced in collaboration with RWTH Aachen's Media for Teaching, MfL, service point and published weekly: LINK

Prof. Littke was elected as member of the DFG senate commission



Prof. Littke was elected as member of the DFG senate commission „Zukunftsaufgaben der Geowissenschaften“ (Sk ZAG; “Geokommission”) for a second three year term. See


ABC-J Oman field trip 2017



Tweets on the ABC-J Oman field trip 2017: LINK

Article on the ABC-J field trip in the "Aachener Nachrichten": Aachener Zeitung 04.03.2017.pdf

Defense Bianca Biehl and Alexej Merkel



Bianca Biehl and Alexej Merkel successfully defended their Ph.D. theses. Congratulations.

BMBF article Prof. Kukla on the topic "Energiewende aus der Tiefsee – Vision oder Illusion?"




Dr. Lars Reuning on board of research drillship JOIDES Resolution, IODP 356, Australia


IODP Expedition 365, drillship JOIDES Resolution: IODP

Defense Hamed Fazlikhani


Hamed Fazlikhani successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations.

Dietrich Welte receives Sidney Powers Award


Dietrich Welte received at the annual meeting of the "American Association of Petroleum Geologists ' ( AAPG ), the highest scientific honor , the " Sidney Powers Award ". AAPG is with around 35,000 members worldwide the largest and most important international geoscience organizations. The eulogy says " ... the understanding of dynamic earth processes ( geoprocesses ) , and not only the detection of the static end result was the main research objective of Dietrich Welte . His pioneering scientific publications are classics. "


Energy Systems of the Future


Prof. Dr. Ralf Littke was elected as member of the working group "resources" of the programme "Energy Systems of the Future". This programme is a joint initiative of the German Academies of Science.

Awarding of the Friedrich Wilhelm Prizes 2012



RWTH Aachen honored 31 students, doctoral candidates, and post-docs with the 2012 Friedrich Wilhem Prize. One of this people is our PhD-Student: Christian Weber (M.Sc.).

The honor is annually awarded to RWTH Aachen students and talented researchers, who are chosen for their outstanding achievements. The award ceremony took place during a celebration at the university.

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"Aachen als Sprungbrett in die weite Welt"



"Aachen als Sprungbrett in die weite Welt"




Dagmar Müther Ph.D.


Dagmar Müther successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations.

Internationally renowned Dutch Geoscientist visited GUtech



MUSCAT The Rector and the Department of Applied Geosciences of GUtech have welcomed Professor Dr. Sierd Cloetingh, Royal Netherlands Academy Professor of Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University (Netherlands) last week. Professor Cloetingh gave a presentation entitled: "Integrated Solid Earth Sciences - challenges and perspectives" to AGEO students and GUtech staff. Professor Cloetingh is a well-known geoscientist who has published more than 300 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed geosciences journals. He is also editor in chief of Global and Planetary Change and member of the editorial board of Tectonophysics. Professor Cloetingh has also been promotor of more than 65 PhD students of 18 different nationalities. He has received honorary doctorates from five European universities and numerous honours and rewards such as the Holmes Medal, the honorary membership of the European Geosciences Union, Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. Prof. Cloetingh is also President of the International Lithosphere Programme (ILP), Vice-President of the European Academy of Sciences and member of the European Research Council (ERC).

To discuss future scientific cooperation, Professor Cloetingh has been invited by the AGEO department and the Department of Geosciences of RWTH Aachen University, who have also organized a one week field trip around the North of Oman including a large number of sites of geological interest, such as the exposed crust/mantle transition and the ophiolites in Wadi Al Abbyad, carbonate sequences and source rocks and the uplifted coastal terraces along the Omani coastline, an area that is currently part of a tsunami research project conducted by Prof. Dr. Goesta Hoffmann. Prof. Goesta and Prof. Wiekert Visser of the AGEO Department have conducted the field-excursion along with Prof. Dr. Peter Kukla, Energy & Mineral Resources Group and Director of the Geological Institute at RWTH Aachen University. "We have developed plans for a long-term strategic cooperation embedded in the international lithosphere programme. Specifically the setup of a thematic research programme "TOPO-OMAN", affiliated to the successful TOPO-EUROPE programme on coupled deep Earth and surface processes with implications for georessources and natural hazards has been discussed. Additionally research training programmes, including workshops and short courses as well as the exchange of staff form an integral part of this collaborative effort." said Prof. Peter Kukla.

On Tuesday the 18th March Prof. Cloetingh will give a presentation entitled "Tectonics of sedimentary basins" to members of the Geological Society of Oman in the PDO Oil and Gas Exhibition Center at 5 pm.


Defense Samaneh Masoumi



Samaneh Masoumi successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations.

SAMPLE Focus Group Meeting "Lithospheric Structure" in Aachen, 9.-10.2.2012


The next joint meeting of the “Lithospheric Structure, Deformation and Breakup Processes" and the “Sedimentary Systems and Fluid Systems” SAMPLE groups will take place February 10th 2012, 9.00-17.00, at the Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen. Further, we would like to invite to dinner at the "Magellan" on 9.2.2012, 19.00 p.m., after arrival.



Habilitation (P.D.) talk Dr. Stefan Back, 26.10.2011, 17:00, Be114


Wednsday, 26th of October 2011,  Dr. Stefan Back (EMR, Geological Institute, RWTH Aachen University) gives his P.D. talk. 17:00, room 114, Bergbaugebäude , Wüllnerstr. 2, Aachen, Germany. Titel: "Sedimentation in deformation zones: examples from NW Borneo and SW Pakistan".

Short course 'geologic trapping of buoyant fluids'



Upcoming 2 days short course on 'geologic trapping of buoyant fluids' at our institute the xxx, held by Peter Vrolijk and Franco Corona from Exxon Mobil. Free for Master-students, PhD-students & Post Docs. 


Canceled untill further notice!!!

27.03.13, talk by Susanne Buiter: "Analysing Wilson Cycle plate margins"


Next Wednesday (27.03.13) Susanne Buiter will give a talk on "Analysing Wilson Cycle plate margins" Hereby we would like to invite you to the talk held at 14:00 in room 408 (Lochnerstrasse 4-20, 'Haus A'). Susanne Buiter has been  elected as the president of the EGU Division on Tectonics and Structural Geology.

Prof. Littke is becoming member of acatech


In honor of his scientific achievements was Prof. Littke appointed to the National Academy of Science and Engineering . Further information on the acatech :





Report of the GV-DGG-GSA Joint Meeting GeoMunich2011:

Unconventional Gas


Due to the strong interest in the topic "Unconventional Gas" a link to a new publication, a presentation on this subject and a 3D animation of a coal block is provided.

Teaching Award


Prof. Littke received on 1 July 2011 with 4300,- this year's prize of the Student Council 3.5 Geology & Mineralogy Teaching Award.


Scientific Advisory Board GFZ


At the spring meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam (GFZ) Prof. Littke was elected as the new chairman of this committee.


André Dumont Medaille


Prof. Littke received the André Dumont Medal 2010 of the Belgian Geological Society (Geologica Belgica). On this occasion he held a lecture on "Unconventional Fossil Fuels in Central Europe" in the Royal Natural History Museum in Brussels.


Dipl.-Phys. Yves Gensterblum received the 2012 travel grant of the Professor Dr. Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld Foundation


Yves Gensterblum was awarded this grant for his research on the interaction of gases with clay minerals using neutron diffraction. He is planning to visit the Los Alamos research facilities, USA, for neutron beam experiments early 2013.

Heitfeld Awards 2012

Defense Victoria Sachse



Victoria Sachse successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations.

Short course: Structure, permeability and fluid flow at depth in the Earth's crust, October 11th - 13th 2011



We invite any MSc.-, PhD-students and PostDocs as well as industry members in the field of earth sciences to apply for a three day short course given by Prof. Stephen Cox at RWTH Aachen University.

October 11th - 13th 2011 (full day, 9am through 5pm)




Chris to KIT

Chris started his new job at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and thanks his students and colleagues for stimulation research and higher education. His team will succesively move to KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology or continue his/her career in industry.

Chris acknowledges his colleague's generous cooperation, which allowed him the invention and implemtation of EMR concept and name, the concept and implementation of EMR's and GeoMat's English MSc study program, the more management related Georesrouces program (especially by the support of Prof. Reinhard Madlener, Prof. Albert Moser and others) and the initation and implementation of the RWTH Aachen SPE student chapter.

With great committment he supported and contributed to RWTH's interdisciplinary apporaches, be it within the BMBF joint project proposal TESA - Technology-Based Energy System Analysis, the DFG-SPP inititative under the the guidance of Prof. Frank Lehmkuhl., jointly with Prof. Peter Letmathe, Prof. Bernhard Friedrich and Prof. Holger Schüttrumpf., or several geo-energy system analyses jointly with Prof. Reinhard Madlener.

Chris especially thanks his sponsors from industry for their support of research and teaching and looks forward for a fruitful cooperation at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

OGV Konferenz Aachen


OGV Konferenz Aachen, 29.3 - 2.4.2016

Wir freuen uns das 137te Jahrestreffen des Oberrheinischen Geologischen Vereins OGV in Aachen ausrichten zu dürfen.


16. & 23.1.2016


Blockcourse ERM Energy Trading

We are happy to announce the shortcourse of our former student Christoph Budny, GRM, now Trianel, on energy trading aspects. We will highlight that exploration and production is just one side of the story, but share with our students how the market and demand side works.

6.2. & 7.2.2016


Fieldtrip Eifel

We are happy o guide our students in a transect from the Quaternary and Teritary Lower Rhine Embayment sediments to the coal measures, and highly deformed rocks around the Rurlake in a two day fieldtrip.



Paper Georesources published

Our paper by Yasar Manss, Chris Hilgers, Tobias Vraetz, Thomas Bartnitzki, Karl Nienhaus and Henning Buddenbaum on Combined hyperspectral and Lidar-technology to optimize the location of drilling grids during mining (in German) has been published in Georesrouces 03/2015, 35-39.



BMBF-DLR project N-Africa

Our new project focusses on the dissemination of applied higher education in northern Africa. We look forward to collaborate with universities in the region to develop a module which integrates national and international industries in applied teaching and research. Several years of successful and collaborative teaching with industry at our department enabled our students to be better prepared for their future carreer.



Paper ZdGG positively reviewed

Our paper Facies delineation by using a multivariate statistical model from onshore wells in the Nile Delta by Dieter Krott, Christoph Hilgers and Christian Buecker is on track in Zeitschrift der deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft ZdGG.



Paper Geol Soc Lond Spec Pub in press

Benni's paper is now in press in Reservoir Quality of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks: Analysis, Modelling and Prediction, in the Geological Society, London, Special Publications series, 435



Fieldtrip for Wintershall

We organized a two-day fieldtrip jointly with Bastian Koehrer und Wolfgang Jelinek for geologists and engineers from Wintershall discussing Marius' and Simon's preliminary results on fractured Zechstein carbonates near the Harz mountains, Germany. The structure and diagenesis of Ca2 carbonate rocks enhosted in deformed anhydrites were explored in the field, evening discussions and exercises outlined the exploration strategies to reduce risk.



Paper Georesources accepted

Yasar's paper on combined hypersectral and Lidar technology to optimize well placement in mining (Kombinierte hyperspektrale und Lidar-Technik zur Optimierung der Platzierung von Bohrrastern im Abbau) has been accepted for publication and well be published in the following German issue. The English version will be published soon in the same journal. It is based on joint work with Tobias Vraetz (IME), Henning Buddenbaum (Trier), Bartnitzki (IME), Karl Nienhaus (IME) and me, who kicked off the idea.



Field trip S-England

Our annual field trip to S-England covered the Permian to Cretaceous of S-England. Starting at Kilve, we covered sicliclastic source and reservoir rocks as well as fractrued carbonates. As always the weather was full of sunshine during the long days. We were happy to have Otto with us, who contributed with his experience of his long lasting industrial carreer in E&P. Everybody returned home safely, just one minibus gave up on the home.



International DRT conference in Aachen

Together with Janos Urai, Klaus Reicherter and Florian Wellmann, Chris organized the DRT conference. International speakers from Asia, Australia, Europe, UK and US presented their innovative research on deformation, rheology and tectonics of rocks. Ivy presented a talk on fractures and faults in tight gas sandstones. Chris chaired the session on "Structural Diagenesis, Fluid flow, HTMC processes" and published a special issue in Geotectonic Research, Vol 97, edited by Christoph v. Hagke, Janos Urai, Klaus Reicherter, Florian Wellmann, Christoph Hilgers.



Field trip around Aachen

This weekend we offer a field trip for our students to study the geology around Aachen. First, we start with our bicycles in Aachen's Paleozoic city center, climb the steep Cretaceous Lousberg and continue north crossing the Wurm syncline, Aachen's former hardcoal area. On the second day we cycle from Cambrian Roetgen to Devonian Walheim and continue via Kornelimunster to Aachen.



Field trip to Scotland

Our field trip to Scotland returned home safely. After one week with Devonian clastics and Dalradian metamorphic rock being squeezed and cooked, and a lot of snow and rain, we are happy to be back home in the beautiful hot and dry Aachen region.



Energy Storage paper in press

Our paper "Economic Feasibility of Pipeline and Underground Reservoir Storage Options for Power-to-Gas Load Balancing" by Christoph Budny, Reinhard Madlner and Christoph Hilgers has been positively reviewed by Energy Conversion and Management. It is a follow up of our Energy Procedia paper.



Ankit's paper accepted

Ankit's paper entitled Phase-Field Modeling of Fracture Cementation Processes in 3-D by Kumar Ankit, Michael Selzer, Christoph Hilgers, Britta Nestler, submitted to the Journal of Petroleum Science Research (JPSR) has been accepted and will be out soon.



Fracman Software at RPR

We are thankful to explore the potentials of Fracman in our future research on structures and diagenesis and are thankful to Golder for the provision of a licence. Fractured reservoirs are are primary importance both for energy exploration and energy storage.



RPR-Course highlighted at company newsletter

Wintershall's April 2015 Newsletter published an article on the Reservoir-Modeling Course taught by Annett Hufe (WINZ) and Bastian Koehrer (WIDE) together with RWTH Reservoir-Petrology on campus, entitled "Reservoir modeling course at RWTH Aachen - the collaboration continued". This hands-on best practice course received an excellent feedback from our Master students in their final year, giving them a first-hand insight into excellent subsurface data and future work. We were happy to host Annett and Bastian and hope to see them back at RPR in March 2016.



Reservoir modeling course 2015

Annett Hufe and Bastian Koehrer from Wintershall are running a short course on reservoir modeling with Petrel. Emphasis is the geological hard data from cores and analogs, which enables geologists to develop 3D reservoir models of the subsurface. The course is integrated in the module's first part on core description of siliciclastics being integrated in WellCad, followed by an microscope course on diagenesis. In this final course of the module reservoir geology, students are requested to integrate such data in a Petrel model. Starting with a structural- and facies model, they finally come up with a poro-perm and saturation model. We thank our lecturers Annett and Bastian for delivering such a well designed state-of the art course to our students.



Geotag 2015 in Aachen

Friday, 19.06.2015
Super C, Ford-Saal & Foyer (6.OG), RWTH Aachen University, Templergraben 57

Der Aachener Tag der Geowissenschaften ist ein Tag von der Fachgruppe Geowissenschaften und Geographie (GuG) für und mit Studierenden und Alumni. Der Aachener Geotag mit thematisch jährlich wechselnden Themen gibt dabei Einblicke in aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten und Anwendungen. Alle Studierenden und Alumni der Fachgruppe GuG, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/-innen, nichtwissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/-innen, Professoren und Professorinnen herzlich eingeladen, damit auch der diesjährige Geotag mit dem Rahmenthema ‚Energie-Reservoire Untertage‘ wieder zu einem interessanten Austausch führt.

Convenors: Reservoir-Petrologie, Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers & SPE RWTH Aachen Student Chapter  

09:00 – 09:15         Eröffnung und Begrüßung

09:15 – 09:45         Dieter Kaufmann, Wintershall
            Re-development alter Ölfelder

09:45 –  10:00       Johannes Böcker, RWTH, Geologie,
            Geochemie und Lagerstätten des Erdöls und der Kohle Kohlenwasserstoffsysteme im zentralen Oberrheingraben

10:00 – 10:15         Jan Niederau, RWTH, Angewandte Geophysik & geothermische Energie
            Untersuchung des thermischen Regimes in Sedimentbecken: Einfluss von Unsicherheiten und freier Konvektion

10:15 – 10:30        Bianca Biehl, RWTH, Geologisches Institut
            Reservoir-Eigenschaften des Zechstein 2 Karbonates im Niedersächsischen Becken

10:30 – 11:00        Kaffeepause

11:00 – 11:30      Dr. Christian Bücker, DEA Deutsche Erdöl AG
            Gashydrate als zukünftige Energieversorgung?
11:30 – 12:00        Dr. Axel Gillhaus, RWE Gasspeicher GmbH
            Die Rolle von Druckluft-, Gas- und Wasserstoffspeichern für konventionelle und  grüne Energie

12:00 – 12:15         Song Jie, RWTH, Ingenieurgeologie und Hydrogeologie
            Hydromechanik beim Betrieb von Pumpspeicherkraftwerken

12:15 – 12:30        Benjamin Busch, RWTH, Reservoir-Petrologie
            Reservoir-Heterogenitäten und deren Modellierungen zur RQ-Vorhersage
12:30 – 14:00        Mittagspause

14:00 – 14:30        Dr. Georg Bresser, Wintershall
            Exploration Portfolio-Management und Decision Making im E&P Geschäft

14:30 – 15:00         Timo Anders, Trianel
            Kommunale Energieversorgung: Marktnahe Bewirtschaftung von Erdgasspeichern

15:00 – 15:30         Verleihung Lehrpreises der Fachschaft

15:30 – 16:30        Posterpräsentation & SPE Tombola
            sowie Abstimmung der Besucher über den Posterpreis

16:30 – 17:00        Verleihung des Posterpreises der VAG e.V.

17:00 – 18:00         VAG e.V. Festvortrag
            Prof. Dr. Martin Melles, Universität zu Köln
            Das El´gygytgyn-Tiefbohrprojekt: 3,6 Millionen Jahre Klimageschichte der Arktis

18:00 – 20:00        VAG e.V. Mitgliederversammlung *

Ab 20:00        Fest der Fachschaft Geowissenschaften & Ressourcenmanagement
            Parkplatz Wüllnerstr. 2

Samstag, 20.6.2015

ab 10:00        VAG e.V. Exkursion
            Geologischer Spaziergang  bei Mützenich durch das Brack-Venn zu Kaiser Karls Bettstatt  (Führung: Prof. em. Dr. Roland Walter)
            Treffpunkt: wird über das VAG e.V. Sekretariat Fr Jennissen mitgeteilt.

* Veranstaltung der Studierenden während der Mitgliederversammlung am Freitag, 19.6.2015

18:00 – 19:30    Meet and Greet – Georessourcenmanager – Raum Be326
            Studierende treffen Alumni
            Programmleitung durch GRM Studierende: Lisa Gödde, Martin Reith,
            Fabian Stamm, Moriz Trautmann

18:00 – 19:30    Meet and Greet – Geowissenschaftler – Raum Be318
            Studierende treffen Alumni
            Programmleitung durch SPE Student Chapter: Daniel Bücken



First field trips 2015

This and coming week we start our first field season, which covers tight gas sandstone analogs (Ivy), red bed reservoir analogs (Tina), and fractured carbonates (Marius, Simon). Reservoir analogs well constrain the conditions of reservoirs in the subsurface. However, careful studies are required to indentify aspects which are not reflected at depth.



Fluid inclusion facility running

We are happy to have the fluid inclusion facility running. With our new Leica microscope the fluid inclusion stage of the neighboring department of mineralogy is back to operation and we hope to contribute to further innovation in our the joint investment.



BMBF fact finding mission

Together with Professors Edda Pulst and Abdel Kassem Chris filled the academic part of a two-week trip to Tunesia and Morocco, jointly with representatives from the ministry and industry. The fact finding mission funded be the German ministry of Higher Education (BMBF) explored the potential of academic-industry collaboration, resulting in better employability of young local graduates. The pleasant welcome and fruitful discussions with local representitives of any sector in both countries ended with a heartly welcome by the Moroccan minister of higher education, HE Lahcen Daoudi.



DGMK 2015 conference

We will present a poster on Upper Carboniferous tight gas and a presentation on reservoir quality prediction of red bed sediments at the annual DGMK conference in Celle, April 22nd to 23rd.



Geotag 2015

The Geotag 2015 hosted by the School of Geosciences at RWTH on June 19th 2015 is entitled "Energy reservoirs subsurface - exploration, storage, economics" ("Energiereservoir untertage - Exploration, Speicher, Ökonomie").



Paper on energy storage out

Our paper on the "Economic feasabilty of pipe storage and underground reservoir storage options for power-to-gas load balancing by Christoph Budny, Reinhard Madlener and Christoph Hilgers is now published in Energy Procedia, 61, 2201-2205.



Season's Greeting

The RPR-Team wishes merry christmas and all the best for 2015.



Heitfeld Prize

Today Nadja will be awarded the Heitfeld prize at RWTH main campus. Nadja's Master thesis at RPR jointly with BBK I delt with the risk analysis of a new machine from Caterpillar to be installed in an Indian hard coal mine. Congratulations! Since her work was for DMT and Caterpillar, Nadja was not able to present detailed results. The work was co-supervised by BBK I at RWTH Aachen.



Presentation on ongoing research

Today Chris presented RPR's onging applied research at the German University of Tecchnology in Muscat, Oman.



Rotliegend reservoir heterogeneity

Today Chris, Benni and Tina visited red bed outcrops jointly with representatives from a German E&P company to kick-off joint reserach. Exposures and sampling strategy enables to better quanitify reseroivr heterogeneity in Rotliegend rocks.



Azerbaijan visit

Today Chris and Jan Schwarzbauer (EMR-LEK) received guest from Socar Azerbaijan and discussed the onset of collaboration in reserach related to oil recovery and analyses.



Permian Fractured Carbonates

Today Chris, Marius, Ivy jointly with Bastian and Wolf-Dieter visited some quarries for a fracture network study on Permian carbonate rocks in the Harz region. Numerous active and dismantled quarries will provide valuable data on fracture pattern, lateral heterogeneties and cementation patterns. The project carried out by Marius Waldvogel will integrated reservoir engineering- and geological aspects and enhance the understanding of fractured carbonate reservoirs.



Presentation at Geological Society Oman

Today Chris gives a presentation at the Geologial Society, Muscat, Oman on "Approaches on reservoir heterogeneities in conventional and tight gas sandstones". The exploration of unconventional rocks will be of prime importance for future exploration of energy resources in the Gulf region. The talk takes place at the Oil & as Exhibition near PDO at 5 pm.



Fracturing of rocks, study work of Julia

Together with Tobias Vraetz, IME and coworkers Julia Schneider will establish the conditions of rocks when fracturing. Selected samples from Upper Carboniferous rocks will serve as base parameters, and fundamental rock mechanical parameters will be established for rock mechanical calculations.



Visit of Rheinkalk quarry, Wuelfrath

Today we visited the Rheinkalk quarry to quality check the results of our joint research focusing on igitally derived data versus real rocks exposed in the quarry. The limestones and shales exposed in the quarry may act as good analogs for reservoirs.



Presentation Upper Carboniferous Kuelpmann at Geological Survvey NRW

Today Chris, Jan and Patrick visited the Geological Survey NRW. Here, Jan Melchert presented the results of his BSc work on the quarry Kuelpmann to the Geological Survey, NRW, which involved diagenetic and structural aspects. It was followed by a discussion on the importance of the quarry as a natural heritage site, and a discussion of the Lidar technology.



SPE Student Technical Conference (STC) in Wietze

Chris together with our Master students from RWTH's Applied Geoscience attended the SPE STC Annual Meeting in Wietze. The conference invites a selected group of students to present the research performed during their Master study in front of a audience with mainly industry background. Dieter Krott (RPR) presented the results of research performed with Christian Buecker, RWE DEA on Facies Delineation by using a Statistical Model with Downhole and Core Data from Onshore Wells in the Nile Delta. Yasar Manss (RPR) presented his research on porosity variations in tight gas rocks, a reserach project performed with Bastian Koehrer, Wintershall.



Zoltan's PhD defense

Today Zoltan Komoroczi, supervised by Janos Urai, defended his PhD thesis in front a a plenum. Zoltan is now with Baker, Abederdeen.



Welcome trip for MSc Applied Geophysics Students

Chrisoph Clasuer, Florian Welmann, Jan van der Kruk and Chris welcomed our MSc Applied Geophysics students in Aachen. With their previous semsters in Delft and Zurich, they now study their final semester at RWTH before completing their Master thesis. Chris guided the group to some exposures around Stolberg-Vicht, some of them analogs for source- and reservoir rocks.



Annual Meeting Tight and Conventional Gas, Barnstorf

Benjmin, Patrick and Yasar presented their research on the meeting and discussed future research with representatives from Germany, Netherland and the UK. Palynology data established by Duncan and David provided important information for the correlation of the Upper Carboniferous in the region. The meeting was followed by a visit of exposures along the Osning inversion structure.



GeoFrankfurt Conference, Frankfurt

Ulrike, Garri Gaus, Max Hallenberger and Chris will present their results on unconformities and hiatal surfaces from the Buntsandstein, Germany and Upper Carboniferous, Ireland, Co Clare at the GeoFrankfurt Conference from 21.-24.9.2014.



AAPG Conference, Istanbul

Patrick will give an oral presentation on tight gas rocks at the AAPG International Conference & Exhibition 2014.



7th Mid-European Clay Conference, Dresden

Yasar and Patrick will present their results on Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstone in NW-Germany at the MECC14 conference in Dresden, Germany.



VAG Student Award to Ivy, Aachen

This year's VAG Student Prize for the best student performance was awarded to Ivy Becker. Ivy did her Bachelor on the geology of county Clare, Ireland, entitled Geological mapping of an Upper Carboniferous delta area. Congratulations!



VAG Best Poster Award to Markus and Simon, Aachen

This year's first prize VAG Best Poster Award was granted to Simon Schreur and Markus Koenig for their poster on „Geological mapping and diagenesis of unconventional Upper Carboniferous tight gas rocks, Germany“, a Bachelor thesis unravelling the tight gas reservoirs.



VAG Geotag, Aachen

This year's VAG Geotag will be on „GeoMaterials in Industry and Reserach“, held at RWTH's Super C. The program (in German) organised by the institutes of crystallography and mineralogy is as follows:
09:15 – 14:15 Uhr Vorträge zu GeoMaterialien in Industrie und Forschung Ford-Saal, 6.OG
14:30 – 15:00 Uhr Verleihung des Lehrpreises der Fachschaft GeoRes Ford-Saal, 6.OG
15:00 – 17:00 Uhr Posterpräsentation mit Abstimmung durch die Besucher und Preisverleihung, Generali-Saal, 6.OG
17:00 Uhr Festvortrag der VAG, Prof. Clauser Ford-Saal, 6.OG
18:00 Uhr Mitgliederversammlung der VAG Ford-Saal, 6.OG
anschließend Sommerfest der Fachschaft. Wir freuen uns, auch in diesem Jahr wieder den Posterpreis der Vereinigung Aachener Geowissenschaftler (VAG e. V.) verleihen zu können. Alle Studierenden der Fachgruppe werden ermutigt, ihre Ergebnisse aus aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten in Postern zu präsentieren.



SPE Student Award to Yasar

We congratulate Yasar Manss who today was awarded SPE's student prize by the SPE's German Section President Ingo Forstner. Yasar is currently completing his Master project on Variations in Reservoir Quality of an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstone in NW-Germany.



SPE German Section Annual Meeting

We are happy to host the Society of Petroleum of Engineers Annual Meeting at RWTH Aachen, organized by the newly established SPE RWTH Aachen Student Chapter. SPE representatives and students from our SPE chapters in Clausthal, Freiberg and started with a barbeque Thursday evening, followed by the annual meeting Friday morning. SPE Student prizes for Master students will be awarded after lunchbreack on Friday at 14.30h at room LIH504. The event includes a overview of RWTH's E&P related institutes within the School of Applied Geosciences and will end with a field trip on the geology of Aachen Friday evening.



Flyer of current MSc courses on Geosciences

Our School of Geosciences currently runs three internationally re-accredited MSc courses in Geosciences. Applied Geophysics is a joint MSc with TU Delft and ETH Zurich. Students enroll at TU Delft and study one semester in Delft, Zurich and Aachen before completing their 6 months Master thesis. Language of instruction is English. The MSc in Applied Geosciences offers different streams, one in Energy & Mineral Resources (language of instruction is English), one in Geophysik-Ingenieurgeologie-Hydrogeologie (language of instruction is mainly German), and one in GeoMaterials. Our MSc in GeoresourcesMangement offers two different streams in Resources Management and Evironmental Management (language of instruction is English and German). Further details can be obtained here.




Brainstorm about MENA region

Today we brainstormed in Bonn with several stakeholders from governmental and industry representatives about a joint project in the MENA region, focusing on tertiary higher education. The initiative headed by Prof. Edda Pulst discussed options of knowledge transfer of mutual interest.



Field Seminar in Scotland

We returned home safely from our one week field seminar around Glen Coe, Scotland. Despite midges factor 4 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 5, all students coped well with harsh conditions. Physically and mentally strong, we climbed some mountains even when within clouds. As always, temperature dropped upon arrival but 15 deg C and slight showers showed to be excellent conditions for field work. Dalradian rocks along the Great Glen strike slip faults were intensly deformed during Caledonian orogenesis, metamorphosed during subduction and penetrated by plutons and covered by Devonian volcanics. Old Red sediments in W-Scotland were compared to the Devonian Aachen rocks, and the location of paleo-continents were discussed.



Presentation at Burlington House, London

Benni gave a talk on his research of flow heterogeneities Rotliegend sandstones. The conference on Reservoir Quality of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks: Analysis, Modelling and Prediction at the Geological Society, Burlington House, London. The conference seeks to address the factors and processes controlling rock properties of clastic and carbonate rocks as well as showcase novel analytical techniques and demonstrate diagenetic modelling capability. He is invited to submit a peer reviewed paper.




our students on WDR TV

Today we were on air with our students on WDR TV, promoting the Lehmjoeres hike around Stolberg-Vicht. The village Vicht is located 2 km south of Stolberg and 5 km ESE Aachen and stretches along the river Vicht. It not only displays the strong relation of geology and industrial development, but is the origin of Germany’s industrial culture, which from the Aachen-Stolberg region later moved to the Rur area and established the Ruhr district, Europe’s largest industrial center. A brief overview of the geology and industrial devlopment can be found here.



New Senior Researcher Ulrike Hilse at RPR

We welcome Ulrike as our new senior researcher at Reservoir-Petrology. Ulrike obtained her profound knowledge on variious analytical technqiues of siliciclastic rocks at Jena University. We are happy to have her on board and look forward on her contributions to structural diagenesis.



Touchstone Shortcourse

Rob Lander and Linda Bonnell from Geocosm, Colorado, run a Basic- and Advanced Course in Resevoir Quality Prediction Modeling at our department for our students doing a petrography based final thesis and industry representatives. Knowing the mineralogical compositon of rocks, their thermal exposure and facies distribution, the software predicts scenarios of reservoir quality based on the kinetics of reaction rates. We are happy that Geocosm provides licenses to carry out research at Reservoir-Petrology.



Rotliegend Convential Reservoir Analog, England

Benni is out with two Bachelor students to study Rotliegend sandstones in the UK. We study the variation of sedimentary units deposited in an eolian setting and the impact of grain coats on pore space cemenation and implement data in reservoir-quality prediction modeling.



Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Rocks

Patrick is out with three Bachelor students to study Upper Carboniferous sandstones near Albringhausen and Piesberg, northwest Germany. We study the variation of sedimentary units deposited in a river system, pore space cemenation, the spatial fracture distribution and the cementation of of fractures and faults.



Presentation at SPE meeting, Vienna

Patrick presented his first results at the SPE/EAGE European Unconventional Conference and Exhibition held in Vienna, Austria. His associated 10-pages paper number SPE 167793 by Wuestefeld et al. is entitled "Reservoir Heterogeneity in Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstones: Lessons Learned From an Analog Study".



GoEast DAAD scholarships for Azerbaijan

Please note that the DAAD Go East program will fund 10 scholarships for German students attending the winter oil summerschool in Baku, Azerbaijan. The winter oil school will be held in Baku from March 3-15, 2014. Application deadline is Februrary 10, 2014. Please check the DAAD website and for further details.



SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter kicked-off

Today our EMR-Students kicked off their RWTH SPE-student chapter, supported by SPE's German Section and our faculty, and submitted their proposal to SPE's headquarter. SPE with it's app 100,000 members provides a worldwide network with peers and industry professionals and supports student chapters at Universities with Upstream-related Master courses. Our MSc Applied Geosciences - Energy & Mineral Resources Stream and our joint MSc Applied Geophysics with TU Delft and ETH Zurich fullfill the requirements and we are looking forward for the RWTH chapter to be accrediated by SPE's headquarter. Christoph Hilgers initated the establishment of a student chapter at RWTH when he took EMR-MSc students to the SPE-STC 2013 meeting.



Mudlogging student interns needed

A deep well planned for April & May 2014 needs mudloggers, that is you, our MSc students with microscopy skills. The deep well is drilled into a salt dome in Northern Germany. Such drilling is required for either energy exploration or energy storage, both key aspects driving the country's economy. On-site shifts allow you to validate the lithologies drilled and test the subsurface model. If you are interested in some hands-on experience, please contact us at RPR or get in touch with our SPE student chapter.



Kick-off meeting in Azerbaijan

We recently were awarded a grant by the VolkswagenStiftung to further discuss our interdisciplinary transnational project with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which is hosted under the scheme "Environment, natural resources and renewable energies - Interdisciplinary transboundary research on human-envirnmental interactions". Our proposal entitled "Geological and geochemical aspects of natural hydrocarbon seepage from mud volcanoes and its socio-economic impact on anthropogenic spills" addresses the full sequence from natural sciences to socio-economic reserach. Christoph Hilgers had very fruitfrul discussions with our partners from ADA University and Kazakhstan in beautiful Baku, Azerbaijan, an old city next to the Caspian Sea and located on the silk way. 



Panel discussion at the EME Research Area, School of Business and Economics

Today Chris attends a panel discussion at EON ERC, RWTH Aachen University. Together with Prof. de Donker, Prof. Schüttrumpf, OI Randaxhe and Dr. Vogt, chaired by Prof. Madlener, selected real world ultra-long infrastructure investments are exposed from an electrical-engineering, civil-engineering, mining-engineering, geophysical and geological perspective, and discussed with the audience.




Our RWTH Applied Geoscience students on air

Today our students will be on air at WDR TV, entitled Excursions to the crater rim of Stromboli, talking about their field trip exploring Italy's active volcanoes and studying rocks and slabbed see-through rock sections under the microscope. "Die Exkursionen mit Professor Hilgers, die sind nichts für Unsportliche, denn es geht immer ganz hoch hinaus .. so wie bei der letzten Exkursion, da kletterten sie auf die kleinen Vulkaninseln oberhalb von Sizilien - ein Ort an dem die Erde Feuer spuckt (from WDR TV)". Earth's life wouldn't been there without volcanoes, whose gas eruptions provided the water of the sea as well as sulphur- and carbon dioxide protecting earth from cooling. The evolution of plants consumed CO2 and provides oxygen we breathe. Although sometimes devasting, the movement of plate tectonics causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is an integral part to enable life on earth. A long-lasting global gas cycle of temporarilly increased CO2 expulsion causes a change of climate and leads to increased rock weathering, which in turn ties more CO2 into the sediment. The eruption frequency of our intracontinental Eifel volcanoes, generally dormant for 10s of thousands of years before the next devasting eruption, luckily this is much longer than the hourly erupting Stromboli and decade erupting Etna volcanoes in southern Italy (Link to TV Website).



presentation at TU Delft

Today Chris gave a presentation on oinging RPR research at the SPARKS colloqium at Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft on "Subseismic to microscale poro-perm reservoir heterogeneities from field- and experimental studies", followed by disucssions on future collaborations. Collaboration between TU Delft and RWTH Aachen has been established via the joint MSc Applied Geophysics between TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen, to which RPR contributes.



SPE conference

We will join the two-day SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers conference held in Germany. Besides an overview of ongoing applied research of different institutions, three of our Master students will explore the potential job opportunities in the E&P industry.



Upper Carboniferous Quarry, Rhenish Massif

We will meet with the Geological Survey GD and representatives of the University of Bochum in the field to study a quarry of Upper Carboniferous unconventional reservoir rocks and discuss further collaborative research.



Kick-off meeting at Wintershall

Today we kick-off two long-term research projects with our colleages at Winterhsall, focusing on the tighs reservoir rocks and the implications of coating on reservoir quality. The projects are settled in a bundle of projects on integrated low perm systems (ilops). Further projects by the EMR group will contribute to a better understanding of future reservoir rocks.



Active Volcanoes field Trip

Today we returned from our one-week field trip climbing the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands Vulcano, Lipari and Stromboli and Mt. Etna. We measured the temperatures and gas emissions of CO2, H2S and SO2 in the field, and discussed the formation of of volcanoes related to plate tectonics and geochemistry, as well as mineral dissolutions and precipitations.



Visit of CEMEX quarry

We are delighted to present our results on rock alterations and rock parameters at CEMEX near Osnabrueck. Data can be used for the improvement of reservoir exploarations, as well as mining aspects. We are looking forward for continuing collaboration.



Presentation at Geofluids Conference

Today Reservoir-Petrology RPR contributed with two oral presentations and one poster to the Geologische Vereinigung GV & Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft DMG Annual Meeting "Geofluids: Lubricants of the Earth" in Tuebingen. Patrick Wuestefeld (RPR) presented ongoing work on "Structural Diagenesis in an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sands Reservoir Analogue, Piesberg Quarry, NW-Germany", with co-authors M. Höhne, P. Steindorf, B. Koehrer, P. Bertier, K. Schurk, C. Hilgers. Stephan Becker (RPR) followed with research on "Reservoir Quality in the A2C-Stringer interval of the late Neoproterozoic Ara-Group of the South Oman Salt Basin: Diagenetic relationships in space and time" with co-authors Lars Reuning, Peter A. Kukla, Steffen Abe, Shiyuan Li, Janos L. Urai, Suleiman Farqani, Gideon Lopes Cardozo, Zuwena Rawahi. Benjamin Busch (RPR) presented the poster by Annett Hufe (now with Wintershall), Benjamin Busch, Helge Stanjek, Christoph Hilgers on "Diffusion-controlled cementation experiments of salts in porous rock analogs using transparent microreactors".



SW-England Reservoir-Geology Field Seminar

Today all students returned home from our Reservoir-Geology field seminar in SW-England. Starting eastwards along the Bristol Channel, and crossing England westwards along the Bristish Channel, we studied and correlated siliciclastic Rotliegend and fractured carbonate reservoir rocks, Kimmeridge and other oil shales, as well as Cretaceous at Lulworth. Oil sands and and oil dripping from the cliffs were sampled for further analyses of our Organic Geochemistry course with Prof. Jan Schwarzbauer. Many thanks to Benni and Gunnar for bringing students home safely and the continuous support during the field classes.



15. Aachener Altlasten- und Berschadenkundliches Kolloqium ABK

A colloqium will be presented on July 16th 2013 at RWTH Aachen University on "Fracking and no end" in the frame of the 15. Aachener Altlasten- und Berschadenkundliches Kolloqium ABK. Various experts from different disciplines will present aspects such as: authorities view, different techniques, legal challenges, dialog process, and implications for research. Registration until 1.7.2013 per fax at GDMB Gesellschaft für Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V., more informations at Reservoir-Petrology contributes with colleagues on the Directions of future research on fracking

Am 16. Juli 2013 findet das 15. Aachener Altlasten- und Berschadenkundliches Kolloqium ABK zum Thema "Fracking und kein Ende" an der RWTH Aachen statt. Dabei werden von Referenten unterschiedlichster Fachdisziplinen folgende Aspekte präsentiert: Behördliche Sicht, die unterschiedlichen Verfahren, rechtliche Herausforderungen, der Dialogprozess und Implikationen für die Forschung. Die Anmeldung erfolgt per Fax bei der GDMB Gesellschaft für Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V. bis zum 1.7.2013 entgegen genommen, weitere Informationen unter Die Reservoir-Petrologie trägt mit dem Thema Beitrag zukünftiger Forschung zum Thema Fracking bei.



Faculty's teaching award to Christoph Hilgers

Today the faculty's teaching award was granted to Christoph Hilgers for his excellence of his lectures and field seminars.  In his laudatio, the Dean educ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Schneider cited from the student council's recommendation letter and students comments on the evaluation sheets: "... he puts a high workload on us and expects a lot ... due to the integrated approach, I had to apply all what I learned before ... I never learned more in such short time .. he thinks that there's only Reservoir-Geology .... when we repeated the course content in the field, I understood ... field trips are quite different compared to others, visiting not more than 3 exposures a day, students are splitted up in teams and guided to discover and explore ...". Chris likes to thank the nomination committee of the Faculty for Georesrouces and Materials Engineering for being granted the award, and the students for their support.



Geological Survey NRW

Today we discuss and exchange ideas on Upper Carboniferous rocks with the state's geological survey in Krefeld, NRW. Siliciclastic Upper Carboniferous rocks comprise hard coal and organic rich shales, as well as tight sandstones, and thus a huge potential of unconventional reservoirs. The Aachen-Wurm Revier is one of the world's oldest subsurface coal mine areas, with first records dated more than 900 years ago.



visit of Harun at RPR

Today Harun Cekir, currently at Wintershall, visited RPR, comparing with Mareen the alteration and diagenesis of Upper Carboniferous siliciclastic rocks from surface exposures near Osnabrück and subsurface well data. Exposed rocks a generally alterated and expose a higher porosity than those located at depth. Thus, core data from wells are required to better predict subsurface processes.



Scotland 2013

Our 2nd year EMR BSc students went on their compulsory field trip to Scotland. After a short introduction to the Glen Coe Caldera, fault intrusion and volcanism, Ballachulish pluton and contact metamorphism, as well as Kerrera Island's Dalaradian rocks, we mapped the area around Kinlochleven. Our trip started with a stormy night in Glen Coe, followed by sunshine at 15 deg C and a first sunstroke. Overnight the munros (3000 ft = 914 m) and the smaller mountains in the regions were covered with snow, and camping was frosty. However, we climbed up and down the mountains, followed by late evenings of follow-up lectures and discussions. After some hail and horizontal rain conditions became better and everyone returned home safely a tan and nice geological map. Luckily, there were hardly any midgies this year.



Visiting Azerbaijan

Following Azerbaijan's state oil company visiting our EMR group at RWTH Aachen University, Chris visited Azerbaijan's capital Baku and gave a presentation at the National Academy of Sciences, followed by talks with representatives of the National Academy, as well as the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and the oil industry. Located on the silk way, the thriving country on the Caspian sea is the oldest place of hydrocarbon usage, where Zoroastrians worshipped fire and used gas seeps as sacred places. Active mudvolcanoes form impressive hills and produce enormous volumes of liquified muds from depth.




We kindly thank Kris Piessens, Belgian Geological Survey in Brussels,for his invitation and discussions on joint research in the Euregio on shale gas. Shales are quite complex rocks and their structural diagenesis is yet poorly understood. By joining up expertise we aim to better understand these interesting rocks.



Presentation on Structural Diagenesis

Chris presented the outcome of Mareen's and Philipp's excellent work today at Wintershall. Upper Carboniferous siliciclastic rocks expose a significant heterogeneity of the pore space in fluvial sedimentary bodies, which were studied in detail from pore- to reservoir scale.



Presentation on flow barriers in reservoir rocks

We presented our first results on sedimentary and structural flow barriers in Mesozoic eolian sandstones in Hamburg today. Fluid flow in sedimentary rocks might be affected by sedimentary settings and structural phenomena, leading to sealing of the rock fabric. Thanks to Rebecca's and Benni's excellent work and presentation we contribute to the predictibility of reservoir compartments.



lecture on pump storage plants - PSPs

Today at 7pm Prof. Dr. Holger Schüttrumpf, RWTH Aachen University - Institut für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft will give a presentation on pump storage plants PSP “Pumpspeicherwerke in der Region Niederrhein - Grundlagen, Stand, Potentiale” within the lecture series of Energy Hills e.V.. The interim storage of "green" energy is among the main issues to be addressed in the near future.



upcoming DRT conference in Leuven, Belgium

Please note the 18th DRT conference Deformation, Rheology, Tectonics in Leuven, Belgium from September 16th-18th 2013 in Leuven, Belgium, and the relating website here. We are happy to support the conference manager Manuel Sintubin.

Abstract submission – 31 May 2013, Early bird registration – 30 June 2013, conference - 16-18 September 2013



RPR at DGMK conference 2013

RPR contributions were accepted as oral and poster presentations at the annual DGMK conference (Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle e.V.) in Celle in April 2013. The conference's topic is on Best Practices - Erwartungen an neue E&P Technologien .



Invited talk in Bochum on Oman

Chris presented some insight on beautiful Oman, entitled "Weihrauch, Wüste, Wadis  - Oman: Ein geologisches Wunderland auf dem Weg in die Neuzeit" at the Gesellschaft für Geographie und Geologie in Bochum e.V.. Cultural as well as geological aspects were addressed, exposing the beauty of the country. Oman exposes the Jabal Akdhar anticline and Jabal Shams mountains, an almost 3000m peak formed during Alpine orogeny and closure of the Thetys ocean. Carbonate reservoirs in Meszoic rocks, carbonate stringers, piercing salt domes, the Wahiba Sands desert and the obducted Semail ophilithe are just a few of many geological wonders of the Sultante.



We now have WLan

We now can provide WLan to our students on the 5th floor with kind support of the Center for Computing and Communication of RWTH Aachen University.



Merry Christmas

The EMR-Group wishes a merry christmas to our partners, colleagues and friends, and a happy and successful 2013.



Merry Christmas

The RPR team thanks our partners, colleagues and friends for our excellent and fruitful collaboration and wishes a merry xmas, and a happy and successful 2013.



Workshop Hydrocarbon Resevoirs 

The EMR-Group is running a workshop on the "Petrophysics and Geochemistry of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs", organized by Yves Gensterblum from the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal. We host guests from Australia, Netherlands and the UK here in Aachen, both from academia and industry. Chris gives a presentation on Structural Diagenesis – some insights from field analogs and see-through experiments.



First Graduation Ceremony at GUtech in Muscat, Oman

Today the first graduation ceremony was held at the new campus of German University of Technology in Halban near Muscat, Oman. Professor Burkhard Rauhut, Rector of GUtech since 2008, and Dr. Dorothea Rüland, Secretary General of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD gave the words of greetings. The graduates were addressed RWTH Aachen's Rector Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg. 30 Bachelor graduates dressed in an black academic gown, among them five geoscientists, received their final certificate. GUtech is a limited liable establishment owned by local investors (see interview in Spiegel Special 5/2008 with Prof. Rauhut), and was designed in 2006 and put into operation by Barbara Stäuble and Christoph Hilgers in 2007. We are happy to see the first graduates in Urban Planning, IT, Sustainable Tourism and Geosciences leaving the university and wish them all success.



Stephan Becker's PhD defended

Today Stephan Becker successfully defended his PhD in front of a committee by Prof. Peter Kukla, Prof. Janos Urai and chaired by Prof. Klaus Reicherter. We congratulate Dr. Becker and are happy to keep him at RWTH!



Lecture honoured

Today our lecture Reservoir-Petrology II (12ss-33528) was honoured among the top faculty's courses, based on student evaluation. We have to admit that we were surprised, since student's workload is quite high. RPR thanks our  students for the positive evaluation.



Foot unscrewed

After a nasty graben-like fracture of Chris' foot and its rearrangement with bolts and a plate last year, diagenesis cemented the fractures well. Today the metal pieces were taken out, and this unwanted and hopefully first and last self-study on structural diagenesis came to an end. Thanks to the hospital's expertise back home the same day, many thanks!



Professor awarded

Today Christoph Hilgers, Institute of Reservoir-Petrology, received the apl. professor certificate from the faculty's dean Professor Ralf Littke. In a small ceremony in the deanery, Chris' academic contributions were acknowledged. Chris expressed his gratitude to the faculty, the student board and all others who supported the award.



Klaus Vogel presents his MSc GRM to businessmen

Klaus Vogel, MSc, presented his Master Project at the Energy Center in Willich to local businessmen, municipality and local energy suppliers. After a short introduction by Willich's major Josef Heyes, Klaus outlined the questionary he developed for the business park in Willich. He described the needs, economic potential and requirements for the local industry to move towards geothemal energy. After his presentation, the stimulating discussion urged the need for further projects.



Stephen Laubach, Christoph Hilgers and Mark Evans organize a GSA Special Session on Structural Diagenesis

Stephen Laubach, Christoph Hilgers and Mark Evans organized a GSA Special Session on Structural Diagenesis at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov 4th – 7th 2012, 4.-7.11.2012. Their session T171 The Role of Structure and Diagenesis in Governing Fluid Storage and Flow in Deep Sedimentary Basins with Applications to Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geophysics Division) on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday had a very good response, with Peter Hennings from ConocoPhillips Subsurface Technology addressing the keynote.



Rob and Linda visit RPR

We welcome Rob Lander and Linda Bonnell at RPR for an exchange of ideas and extended collaboration. Rob and Linda develop the Reservoir Quality Prediction software Touchstone and the crystal growth program Prism2D, which will complement our current and future research. More can be found on their company's website



Field trip: Climb active volcanoes

This week we are off to Sicily and the Eolian Islands with our Bachelor students. We will study some of the active Mediterranean volcanoes and get a better insight into our dynamic planet and its underlying processes. We will climb the active volcanoes Vulcano, Stromboli and Etna and study the rocks of Lipari island.



Farewell Omani students

Today our Omani geology students from GUtech in Muscat are heading home. We wish a save journey, a warm welcome at home and hope to see you soon back in Germany or in Oman.



Field Seminar S-England

This week we run our field seminar for Master Students in S-England. We will study cliff exposures of Triassic and Jurassic porous siliciclastic reservoirs, Jurassic fractured carbonate reservoirs and source rocks of the Blue Lias and Kimmeridigian along the Bristol Channel and British Channel. We will analyze and discuss depositional environments, facies, diagenesis and structures, and will take rocks samples for organic geochemistry analyses (MSc course Organic Geochemistry by Jan Schwarzbauer).



Omani students at RPR

We welcome Omani students from the German University of Technology in Aachen, who will stay with us for a language course and geology classes on petrography. Our continuous exchange of Omani students to RWTH Aachen and RWTH students to Oman is now in its 3rd year.



GSA Session accepted

We are happy to announce that our GSA session T171. The Role of Structure and Diagenesis in Governing Fluid Storage and Flow in Deep Sedimentary Basins with Applications to Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs was accepted by the Geological Society of America GSAat Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov 4th – 7th 2012, 4.-7.11.2012



Subseismic flow barriers

We will now start a funded project on flow barriers in the Rotliegend. The German Rotliegend is an important hydrocarbon reservoir in sandstone, whose structural diagenesis is not yet fully resolved. We'll try to contribute, addressing different cementation patterns and the flow behavior.



Field trip for Industry

We will guide a field trip to an unconventional tight gas reservoir analogue for geologists and reservoir engineers from industry on Sunday. Rock exposures similar to those explored in the deep subsurface - thus neither accessible nor visible unless using wells and seismics - are important to understand the reservoir's complexity.



New Paper out

A new paper on "A Procedure for Integrating Geologic Concepts into History Matching" in Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE 159885-PP has been published by Sofie and co-authors.




We examined some phantastic outcrops on Mesozoic Posidonienschiefer and Paleozoic Alaunschiefer across Germany, and checked whether and how these unconventional reservoir rocks can be studied in more detail.



Poster Award Geotag

Congratulation to our Master Students Rabea Viße and Annett Hufe who won a poster award at the Geotag 2012 conference. Master projects at RPR cover coupled field- and thin section work, experimental work and reservoir-related outreach.



Geotag 2012

Please note our annual Geotag meeting, which brings together Industry and students with interesting presentations from Geoscientists working in different applied fields. Our RPR-students Annett, Klaus, Philipp and Rabea will present their first poster on their ongoing projects. This year's Geotag will start at 9.30 am at RWTH Aachen, Couvenhalle (opposite RWTH's central building). Please have a look at the LIH website for further details.



Scotland field seminar retuned home safely

Today all eighteen Bachelor students returned home safely from the one-week field seminar in Scotland. Starting with 25+ weather conditions, some snow on the munroes and beautiful sceneries, we studied some world-class exposures in Glen Coe, Ballachulish, Appin and on Kerrera island. Unconformities, volcanoes, plutons, regional and contact metamorphism, sedimentary and deformation structures in sedimentary and crystalline rocks are not anymore nice textbook pictures but real. A drop in temperatures to +12 kicked-off the standard Scottish weather period with some drizzle and wind. Some could even experience horizontal rain. Midges were a bit nasty this year. We started to work on indivudual areas in the Mamore mountain ridge, and successfully created a map of our field area. Combined with theory sessions we developed a good understanding of the underlying processes, and after some physical training everyone returned home safely and well tanned. Click on Galleries for some photos.

Our young Geoscientists (geosciences being the youngest of the natural science subjects) are guided to well exposed world-class case studies to get a profound understanding of earth system processes in space and time.



Scotland field class

Our education in the field start end of May, running a field seminar in the Scottish Highlands. Weather conditions are as usual, don't forget warm clothing and a good sleeping bag.



Unconventional Shale Gas

Chris participates in AAPG's Unconvential Shale Gas Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Shale gas offers a huge additional energy resource.



Field Seminar

Please note today's Wurmtal field seminar, starting 8.30h in front of the Bergbaugebäude / miners building. Expected return 18h. Please bring your bicycle.



Development of image analysis tools

Today we discuss the potentials of modern image analyses with the Deparment of Life Science Informatics at the Fraunhofer Institute at Bonn Sankt Augustin, since automated analyses of of digitized rock data contains huge potentials.




Today we visited Cemex and are happy that we can carry out some geological studies in their Upper Carboniferous quarry.



Energy conference

Chris and Prof. Kukla attend the DGMK conference in Celle on primary energy resources and energy storage.



Press article

Newspaper release: "Den Geopfad punktuell reaktivieren, Egon Keller traf sich mit Wissenschaftlern und Erich Schell in Blankenheim" in Kölnische Rundschau, Nr. 90, p. 35 highlights the need of geological awareness in public, which was initiated in the Eifel region by Prof Werner Kasig, who visited the lovely village of Blankenheim together with Chris



McKinsey at Department of Geosciences

Chris welcomes McKinsey at the School of Geoscience to present the company's profile and discuss career opportunities.



Contact-free geochemical visualisation tool

Chris explores the potential of new contact-free image tool used in biology on the chemical alteration and porosity of rocks and outcrops at another university... successfully!



RPR at TSK conference

Francesco presents his research on fractures and fracture cements of carbonate reservoir rocks at the TSK14 conference in Kiel in an oral presentation. Dennis and Stefan have a poster presentation on their laser scan of a carbonate reservoir analogue and Upper Carboniferous unconventional rocks, respectively.



Geopfad Blankenheim

We explore the status quo of the Geopfad in Blankenheim and work out if and how we may contribute to improve the quality of this geology-hike.



Paper online

Sofie's paper on Localization patterns in sandbox-scale numerical experiments above a normal fault in basement is now in press with the
Journal of Structural Geology.

Dr. Andreas Busch has accepted the appointment as associate professor at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Formerly he worked at Shell Global Solutions in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Dr. Andreas Busch finalized his dissertation “Thermodynamic and Kinetic Processes associated with CO 2 -Sequestration and CO 2 -Enhanced Coalbed Methane Production from unminable Coal Seams” at the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal in 2005. He was awarded “Habilitation” in 2014, supporting RWTH Aachen as “Privatdozent” (external assistant professor).

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Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium zum Jahresgedächtnis an Professor Günther Friedrich



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Venia Legendi an Dr. Sven Sindern erteilt



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