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  • Analogue models (e.g. sandbox, high pressure cells, triaxial cells)LABs_picture.jpg

  • BET gas adsorption

  • CBM & ECBM recovery

  • Cryo-SEM; BIB techniques

  • Element analysis (TIC, TOC, S, LA-ICP-MS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES)

  • Field analogue studies

  • Fluid inclusion measurements

  • GC-MS; LC-MS; GC-irmMS; Py-GC-MS

  • High-performance, 2D/3D, numerical models (FEM, DEM)

  • HP-HT cells; high pressure gas soprtion

  • Ion chromatography

  • Microscopy

  • Mixed flow reactor systems

  • Geological models (Move®, GoCad®, ER Mapper®, GIS)

  • Petroleum system models (PetroMod®)

  • Particle image velocimetry (PIV)

  • Seismic data (Petrel®; Kingdom Suite®)

  • Poro-Perm laboratories

  • Rock-eval pyrolysis

  • Sample preparation (polished thin/thick sections)

  • Sonic logger

  • Streaming potential and zeta potential measurements

  • UV/VIS spectroscopy

  • Vitrinite/Maceral reflectance analysis

  • XRD, 3D-XRD, XRF

  • µFT-IR spectrometer