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Presentation on ongoing research

Today Chris presented RPR's onging applied research at the German University of Tecchnology in Muscat, Oman.



Rotliegend reservoir heterogeneity

Today Chris, Benni and Tina visited red bed outcrops jointly with representatives from a German E&P company to kick-off joint reserach. Exposures and sampling strategy enables to better quanitify reseroivr heterogeneity in Rotliegend rocks.



Azerbaijan visit

Today Chris and Jan Schwarzbauer (EMR-LEK) received guest from Socar Azerbaijan and discussed the onset of collaboration in reserach related to oil recovery and analyses.



Permian Fractured Carbonates

Today Chris, Marius, Ivy jointly with Bastian and Wolf-Dieter visited some quarries for a fracture network study on Permian carbonate rocks in the Harz region. Numerous active and dismantled quarries will provide valuable data on fracture pattern, lateral heterogeneties and cementation patterns. The project carried out by Marius Waldvogel will integrated reservoir engineering- and geological aspects and enhance the understanding of fractured carbonate reservoirs.



Presentation at Geological Society Oman

Today Chris gives a presentation at the Geologial Society, Muscat, Oman on "Approaches on reservoir heterogeneities in conventional and tight gas sandstones". The exploration of unconventional rocks will be of prime importance for future exploration of energy resources in the Gulf region. The talk takes place at the Oil & as Exhibition near PDO at 5 pm.



Fracturing of rocks, study work of Julia

Together with Tobias Vraetz, IME and coworkers Julia Schneider will establish the conditions of rocks when fracturing. Selected samples from Upper Carboniferous rocks will serve as base parameters, and fundamental rock mechanical parameters will be established for rock mechanical calculations.



Visit of Rheinkalk quarry, Wuelfrath

Today we visited the Rheinkalk quarry to quality check the results of our joint research focusing on igitally derived data versus real rocks exposed in the quarry. The limestones and shales exposed in the quarry may act as good analogs for reservoirs.



Presentation Upper Carboniferous Kuelpmann at Geological Survvey NRW

Today Chris, Jan and Patrick visited the Geological Survey NRW. Here, Jan Melchert presented the results of his BSc work on the quarry Kuelpmann to the Geological Survey, NRW, which involved diagenetic and structural aspects. It was followed by a discussion on the importance of the quarry as a natural heritage site, and a discussion of the Lidar technology.



SPE Student Technical Conference (STC) in Wietze

Chris together with our Master students from RWTH's Applied Geoscience attended the SPE STC Annual Meeting in Wietze. The conference invites a selected group of students to present the research performed during their Master study in front of a audience with mainly industry background. Dieter Krott (RPR) presented the results of research performed with Christian Buecker, RWE DEA on Facies Delineation by using a Statistical Model with Downhole and Core Data from Onshore Wells in the Nile Delta. Yasar Manss (RPR) presented his research on porosity variations in tight gas rocks, a reserach project performed with Bastian Koehrer, Wintershall.



Zoltan's PhD defense

Today Zoltan Komoroczi, supervised by Janos Urai, defended his PhD thesis in front a a plenum. Zoltan is now with Baker, Abederdeen.



Welcome trip for MSc Applied Geophysics Students

Chrisoph Clasuer, Florian Welmann, Jan van der Kruk and Chris welcomed our MSc Applied Geophysics students in Aachen. With their previous semsters in Delft and Zurich, they now study their final semester at RWTH before completing their Master thesis. Chris guided the group to some exposures around Stolberg-Vicht, some of them analogs for source- and reservoir rocks.



Annual Meeting Tight and Conventional Gas, Barnstorf

Benjmin, Patrick and Yasar presented their research on the meeting and discussed future research with representatives from Germany, Netherland and the UK. Palynology data established by Duncan and David provided important information for the correlation of the Upper Carboniferous in the region. The meeting was followed by a visit of exposures along the Osning inversion structure.



GeoFrankfurt Conference, Frankfurt

Ulrike, Garri Gaus, Max Hallenberger and Chris will present their results on unconformities and hiatal surfaces from the Buntsandstein, Germany and Upper Carboniferous, Ireland, Co Clare at the GeoFrankfurt Conference from 21.-24.9.2014.



AAPG Conference, Istanbul

Patrick will give an oral presentation on tight gas rocks at the AAPG International Conference & Exhibition 2014.



7th Mid-European Clay Conference, Dresden

Yasar and Patrick will present their results on Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstone in NW-Germany at the MECC14 conference in Dresden, Germany.



VAG Student Award to Ivy, Aachen

This year's VAG Student Prize for the best student performance was awarded to Ivy Becker. Ivy did her Bachelor on the geology of county Clare, Ireland, entitled Geological mapping of an Upper Carboniferous delta area. Congratulations!



VAG Best Poster Award to Markus and Simon, Aachen

This year's first prize VAG Best Poster Award was granted to Simon Schreur and Markus Koenig for their poster on „Geological mapping and diagenesis of unconventional Upper Carboniferous tight gas rocks, Germany“, a Bachelor thesis unravelling the tight gas reservoirs.



VAG Geotag, Aachen

This year's VAG Geotag will be on „GeoMaterials in Industry and Reserach“, held at RWTH's Super C. The program (in German) organised by the institutes of crystallography and mineralogy is as follows:
09:15 – 14:15 Uhr Vorträge zu GeoMaterialien in Industrie und Forschung Ford-Saal, 6.OG
14:30 – 15:00 Uhr Verleihung des Lehrpreises der Fachschaft GeoRes Ford-Saal, 6.OG
15:00 – 17:00 Uhr Posterpräsentation mit Abstimmung durch die Besucher und Preisverleihung, Generali-Saal, 6.OG
17:00 Uhr Festvortrag der VAG, Prof. Clauser Ford-Saal, 6.OG
18:00 Uhr Mitgliederversammlung der VAG Ford-Saal, 6.OG
anschließend Sommerfest der Fachschaft. Wir freuen uns, auch in diesem Jahr wieder den Posterpreis der Vereinigung Aachener Geowissenschaftler (VAG e. V.) verleihen zu können. Alle Studierenden der Fachgruppe werden ermutigt, ihre Ergebnisse aus aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten in Postern zu präsentieren.



SPE Student Award to Yasar

We congratulate Yasar Manss who today was awarded SPE's student prize by the SPE's German Section President Ingo Forstner. Yasar is currently completing his Master project on Variations in Reservoir Quality of an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstone in NW-Germany.



SPE German Section Annual Meeting

We are happy to host the Society of Petroleum of Engineers Annual Meeting at RWTH Aachen, organized by the newly established SPE RWTH Aachen Student Chapter. SPE representatives and students from our SPE chapters in Clausthal, Freiberg and started with a barbeque Thursday evening, followed by the annual meeting Friday morning. SPE Student prizes for Master students will be awarded after lunchbreack on Friday at 14.30h at room LIH504. The event includes a overview of RWTH's E&P related institutes within the School of Applied Geosciences and will end with a field trip on the geology of Aachen Friday evening.