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Current courses offered by the Institute of Reservoir-Petrology: 

Bachelor Courses: Master Courses:
1. Optical Microscopy I for Geoscientists / WS (2x2) 6. Reservoir-Petrology /SS(2)
2. Optical Microscopy II for Geoscientists /SS, based on 1. (2) 7. Reservoir-Geology / SS, based on 6. (2x4)
3. Optical Microscopy for Material Scientists /WS (2x2) 8. Petrography & Diagenesis of Siliciclastic Rocks / WS AGW (2)
4. Petrology - sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous / WS (2) 9. Reservoir Analogs & Core Description / WS AGW (2)
5. Crystalline Geology / SS, based on 4. (4) 10. Reservoir-Quality Prediction Modeling / WS AGW (2)
6. Reservoir Geomechanics / WS, for GUtech (2) 11. Planning-Realization-Optimization / WS GRM, AGP (2)
7. Field seminar Wurm Syncline (0.7, with LIH) 12. Energy Resources Management / WS GRM and AGP (2)
  13. Eifel field seminar (1.4)
SS - summer term, WS - winter term  
GRM - Georesources-Management, AGP - Applied Geophysics Courses phased out: Field seminar Aeolian Island & Sicily (4, BSc, last in 2014)

The list of courses being offered is always current and binding as found in the Campus-System of the RWTH Aachen University: Link to Campus webpa

We are happy to involve representatives from industry in our teaching to tie academic education up with student's future needs in their jobs. Upon Chris' move to KIT University these jointly developed and implemented courses and new industry based courses and partners will be transferred to KIT. Chris thanks Christoph Budny, Trianel, Annett Hufe & Bastian Koehrer, Wintershall, and Robert Lippmann, DEA for their support. Here are some images of such courses in ERM- Energy Resources Management , RAC- Reservoir Analogs and Cores, and RQM - Reservoir Quality Prediction Modeling

Field seminars and field trips scotland students, copyrigth: Eva De Boever

Chris developed and integrated intense field seminars and field trips. Some basic physical fitness is required. Field seminars were guided to SW-England British Channel (UK), Scottish Highlands Scottish Highlands, Sicily & Eolian Islands Sicily & Aeolian Islands and Germany (Breinig to Vicht , Wurm Valley , Eifel). They will now be offered from KIT university. We also led field trips for Industry representatives. Further information can be obtained here.

Other trips: Chris led 1-day courses in the Aachen region, 2-day courses in Belgium, 1-week courses in S-England (Tintagel to Hartland), and 2-week mapping courses around Hastenrath-Schevenhütte, Aachen, between Bantry and Kenmare in SW-Ireland and in Castellote, Spain.

Proposed Theses

Currently no theses are available since the institute's head position is vancant:

Department Type Stream Short description proposed starting date contact


Library Purchases

Chris purchased hard- and softcopy books which may be of interest for your lectures. Related lectures are indicated in brackets [ ]. Access via the Library of the Department of Geology, and online books, access via RWTH or VPN:

  • Anderson, G. 2005. Thermodyanmics of natural systems. Cambridge. RWTH eBook
  • Atrill, P. 2012. Financial management for decision makers. Pentrice.
  • BGS, 2011. Geology of south Dorset and south-east Devon and its World Cultural Heritage. 161 pp. [for RPR-2]
  • BGS, 1958. Geology of the country around Bridport and Yeovil. 239 pp. [for RPR-2]
  • BGS, 1979. Geology of Bideford and Lundy Island 143 pp [for RPR-2]
  • BGS, 1947. Geology of the coutnry around Weymouth. Swanage, Corfe and Lulworth. 386 pp. [for RPR-2]
  • Bhattacharyya, Subhes C. 2011. Energy Economics - Concepts, Issues, Markets and Governance. Springer, 722 pp. RWTH eBook [optional material for ERM]
  • Braehmer, U. 2009. Projektmanagement für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen. Hanser.
  • Boggs, S. 2010. Petrology of sedimentary rocks. Cambridge. ebook [for RPR]
  • Caers, J. 2011. Modeling uncertainty in the Earth Sciences.Wiley,229 pp, number 037581; gives a good overview on geostatistics i.e. spatial distributions such as variograms
  • Catuneanu, O. 2006. Principles of sequence stratigraphy. Elsevier. RWTH eBook
  • Dake, L.P. 2001. Practice of reservoir engineering. Elsevier. RWTH eBook
  • Deutscher Manager Verband 2004. Handbuch Soft Skills Band III: Methodenkompetenz. VDF
  • Dillman, D.A., Smyth, J.D., Christian, L.M.2009. Internet, mail and mixed-mode surveys: the tailored design method. 3rd edn, Wiley, 499 pp, MA019
  • Erbacher, C.E. 2005. Grundzüge der Verhandlungsführung. 3rd editon, VDF
  • Ezekwe, N. 2011. Petroleum reservoir engineering practice. Prentice Hall. GE119, good link to geology, several worked out exercises
  • Fjaer, E., Holt, R.M., Horsrud, P., Raaen, A.M., Risnes, R. 2008. Petroleum related rock mechanics. Elsevier. RWTH eBook
  • Fossen, H. 2010. Structural Geology. Cambridge. RWTH eBook
  • Goetsch, D.L., Davis, S.B. 2010. Quality management for organizational excellence. Pearson, 6th edn
  • Gosh, T.K., Prelas, M.A. 2009. Energy Resources and Systems. Volume 1: Fundamentals and non-renewable resources. Springer. Hardcopy and RWTH eBook [for course Energy Resources Management ERM]
  • Gosh, T.K., Prelas, M.A. 2011. Energy Resources and Systems. Volume 2: Renewable resources. Springer. Hardcopy and RWTH eBook [for course Energy Resources Management ERM]
  • Gudmundsson, A. 2011. Rock fractures in geological processes. Cambridge.
  • Hesselbach, J. 2012. Energie- und klimaeffiziente Produktion. Grundlagen, Leitlinien und Praxisbeispiele. Springer RWTH eBook link
  • Jakoby, W.2010. Projektmanagement für Ingenieure. Vieweg+Teubner.
  • Jahn, F., Cook, M., Graham, M. 2008. Hydrocarbon exploration and production. Elsevier. RWTH eBook
  • Jenny, B. 2009. Projektmanagement. Das Wissen für den Profi. VDF
  • Kamiske, G. (ed.) 2012. Handbuch QM Methoden. 872 pp, Hanser. RWTH eBook
  • Kausch, P., Bertau, M., Gutzmer, J., Matschullat, J. (eds) 2011.  Energie und Rohstoffe Gestaltung unserer nachhaltigen Zukunft. Spetrkum Akademischer Verlag.
  • Kerzner, H. 2006. Project management. 2nd edition, mitp. [for PRO-GRM]
  • Kerzner, H. 2009. Projektmanagement. 10th edition, Wiley. [for PRO-GRM]
  • Lerche, I., MacKay, J.A. 2007. Faults, flow, finance and pressure in exploration assessments. MultiScience
  • Lerche, I., Noeth, S. 2004. Economics of petroleum production Volume 1: Profit and risk. Multi-Science Publishing
  • Lerche, I., Noeth, S. 2004. Economics of petroleum production Volume 2: Value and worth. Multi-Science Publishing
  • Lisle, R. 2003. Geological structures and maps: a practical guide. 3rd edn, Butterworth Heinemann. RWTH eBook [for those who need to refresh basic map construction methods in RPR-1]
  • Marini, L. 2007. Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide. Thermodynamics, kinetics, and reaction path modeling. Elsevier. GC041
  • Mendenhall, W., Beaver, R.J., Beaver, B.M. 2009. Introduction to probability and statistics. Brooks/Cole 13th edn
  • Middleton, V. 2003. Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks. Springer, C184, a must-have in any geo-library
  • Mills Benson, G., Olver, P.A., Moseley, K.A. 2011. An introduction to geological structures and maps. Hodder education, 8th edn. RWTH eBook [for those who need to refresh basic map construction methods in RPR-1]
  • Milner, A.R., Batten, D.J. 2002 (eds). Life and environments in Purbeck times. The Palaeontological Association [for RPR-2]
  • Morad, S., Ketzer, J.M., De Ros, L.F. (eds) Linking diagenesis to sequence stratigraphy. IAS Spec. Pub. 45, Wiley-Blackwell. RWTH eBook [for course Reservoir-Petrology RPR-1]
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  • Nelson, R. 2001. Geological analysis of naturally fractured reservoirs. RWTH eBook
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  • Pepels, W. 2010. Der Marketingplan. Redline Verlag. 2nd edn
  • Pohl, W.L. 2005. Mineralische und Energie-Rohstoffe. Schweizerbart.
  • Rehn-Göstenmeier, G. 2011. Projektmanagement mit Microsoft Project 2010. BHV [for PRO-GRM & ERM]
  • Ringrose, P., Bentley, M. 2015. Reservoir model design. Springer, 249pp
  • Rudenno, V. 2009. The mining valuation handbook. 3rd edition, Wrightbooks. GD102
  • Simon, W. 2011. GABALs großer Methodenkoffer Grundlagen der Kommunikation Gabal, 6th edn
  • Silvana, 2009. Petroleum exploration and production rights: Allocation strategies and design issues. World Bank. RWTH eBook
  • Sorensen, B. 2004. Renewable energy: it's physics, engineering, use, environmental impacts, economy and planning aspects. 3rd edn, Elsevier. RWTH eBook
  • Tordo, S. 2009. Petroleum exploration and production rights. World Bank Group. RWTH eBook
  • Tiess, G.2009. Rohstoffpolitik in Europa. Springer.
  • Wangen, M. 2010. Physical principles of sedimentary basin analysis. Cambridge. RWTH eBook
  • Zoback, M.D. 2007. Reservoir geomechanics. RWTH eBook

Please also have a look at some books purchased by the University's central library and older books at the Geology library (GL):

  • Bahat, D., Rabinovitch, A., Frid, V. 2005. Tensile fracturing in rocks. Springer, 569 pp, number 019 592; gives a good introduction and overview on the research of joints
  • Blatt, H., Tracy, R.J., Owens, B.E. 2006. Petrology. 530pp, BD049a (GL) an excellent introduction including sedimentary petrology
  • Burely, S.D., Worden, R.H. eds 2003. Sandstone diagnesis. C132 (GL)
  • Caers, J. 2011. Modeling uncertainty in the Earth Sciences.Wiley,229 pp, number 037581; gives a good overview on geostatistics i.e. spatial distributions such as variograms
  • Kauerauf, A.I., Hantschel, T. 2009. Fundamentals of Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling. Springer-Verlag. RWTH eBook
  • Konstantin, P. 2009. Praxisbuch Energiewirtschaft. Springer, RWTH eBook
  • Meere, P. et al. Geology of Irelenad. A field guide. FG091
  • Niedersaechsische Akademie der Geowissenschaften, 1997. Die niedersaechsische Erdoel- und Erdgasindustrie im Umbruch. Heft 13
  • Selley, R.C. 2000. Applied sedimentology. AP, 2nd edn, 519pp
  • Simkins, B., Simkins, R. (eds.) 2013. Energy finances and economics. Wiley, GF085 606pp.
  • Sterner, M., Stadler, I. 2014. Energiespeicher. Springer, RWTH eBook
  • Terry, R.E., Rogers, J.B. 2014. Applied petroleum reservoir engineering. RWTH eBook
  • Tucker, M.E. 2011. Sedimentary petrology. Blackwell, 3rd edn, 262 pp BD052 (GL)
  • Tucker, M.E. 1988. Techniques in sedimentology. Blackwell, 394pp,  C107a
  • Yew, C. 1997. Mechanics of hydraulic fracturing. Gulf Publishing Company, RWTH eBook

You may also have a look at some books not available at the University's central library:

  • Craft, B.C., Hawkins, M.  2015. Applied petroleum reservoir engineering. 3rd edn, Prentice Hall. An easy and hands-on easy maths book covering reservoir management issues ranging from single-phase gas reservoirs to EOR and history matching and energy storage